Lawn Care Services

At Briggs and Knowles we take particular pride in our lawns and grass areas. We can accommodate projects from large and small gardens to sports turf. From fine ornamental lawns to hard wearing utility lawns, our years of accumulated grass, turf and lawn knowledge enables us to offer friendly, helpful and specialist advice in the following areas:

  • New lawn preparation & establishment
  • Existing lawn renovation
  • Worn out patches
  • Moss & Thatch
  • Invasive grass varieties
  • Brown grass
  • Weeds, Pests & Diseases
  • Maintenance routines

We offer the following services in restoration of existing lawns and in the preparation and completion of new lawns:

  • Lawn Turfing - Turf is a great alternative to seed because it produces an almost instant lawn which can be used sooner than a seeded lawn. The down sides are that it can be more expensive and you are at the mercy of the turf provider as to whether the turf is of good quality and contains the appropriate grass varieties.
  • Lawn Seeding - Seed can be considerably cheaper than turf and provides the satisfaction off seeing the efforts of your labour slowly develop. With seed you have a lot more control over the variety of grass that is grown. While turf growers do offer various variety and combinations of grass it is most common that they will offer one, hardy variety.
  • Lawn Feeding - All lawns benefit from being feed but different feeds are required at different times of year and consideration needs to be made for how each lawn is used and what you are trying to achieve. High use lawns will need to focus on tightening root growth and thickness of the sward whereas ornamental lawns will want to focus on presentation.
  • Lawn Aeration - There are a number of reasons to carry out lawn aeration but the three principle ones are:
    1. To increase airflow into the soil, promoting deeper root growth.
    2. To relieve soil compaction and get nutrients deeper into the soil profile.
    3. To increase drainage for lawns prone to waterlogging.
  • Lawn Scarifying - Scarification is a important part of yearly lawn maintenance. Over time a layer of thatch will build up above and below the soil line. This thatch can cause a number of issues for your lawn but more than anything else moss loves thatch. Scarification at the correct time will help to remove this thatch, the moss and a number of shallow rooting weeds without removing the grass that you want to remain.
  • Verticutting - Verticutting is otherwise known as vertical mowing. The aim is to improve the stolon formation and hence a thicker turf density, control thatch, stand the grass upright prior to cutting and to control weeds and invasive grass varieties.
  • Lawn Decompaction - Compacted lawns will have poor drainage and a shallow grass root system. This leads to weak grass that is prone to issues during dry periods as well as being more prone to disease. Deep scarification and hollow tining and coring will help to alleviate compacted soil.
  • Lawn Topdressing - Topdressing can be soil, sand or often a mix of both. It is applied to the surface of the lawn in order to add nutrients but also to help to aid lawn drainage. When a lawn is top dressed after core aeration the sand / soil mix will fill the holes allowing for improved drainage in the lawn.
  • Lawn Weed Spraying - We try to avoid spraying weeds as the industry moves towards greener approaches. Regular maintenance and care with scarification and vericutting can control most weed problems but in certain circumstances we are still required to use chemicals to control weeds