Lawn Care Maintenance Calendar

Winter - November to January

During the deep winter months your grass should be left a little longer than in summer to help protect against hard frosts and cold winds. Debris such as leaves and other organic material may also build up and should be removed to avoid any problems being created by rotting leaves etc.

Also consider the application of moss control products. Liquid iron at the appropriate rate will kill the moss and make your lawn greener.

Stay off the lawn as much as possible at this time to avoid damage, especially when your grass is frosty.

Spring - February to May

As the soil starts to warm up try to keep nitrogen levels up and continue to apply iron to control moss and keep your lawn green.

When the lawn has dried out a bit consider scarification to remove any thatch that has built up. Take the tops off your grass in March time and slowly lower the height of the cut as spring continues.

Later in spring your grass will be growing as fast as at any point in the year so us a slow-release fertiliser designed for spring-summer use in order to keep nitrogen levels up.

Summer - June to August

I the summer months hot periods can put your grass into a dormant state. Increase the height of the cut in early summer to help protect your grass from heat and to help hold moisture in the soil.

Your lawn will still benefit from fertiliser but we would recommend reducing the amount of nitrogen that is present.

Autumn – September and October

Keep a close eye on your lawn in Autumn as the increase in moister combined with warm night can lead to fungal infestations. Keep and eye out for Fusarium in particular as this will need to be diagnosed and treated promptly.

The work you do on your lawn in Autumn will set you up for the next year so we consider this to be the most important time of year. Scarification followed by over-seeding while the soil still retains some warmth is very important. Treat with iron for moss, keep the grass height higher for the winter month to come and make sure all debris is keep off the lawn.