Cricket Pitch Renovation

Cricket Square Renovation

It's that time of year again, the cricket season has just ended and we need to get cracking with our renovations in order for the grass to take while the ground is still warm enough.

We're taking quite a lot off this square because it has been reported that there has been a lot of variable bounce and we have found quite a lot of thatch.

In the photos you can see the initial deep scarification which was followed by a clean up, seed start fertiliser and loam application at 2.5 kg/m². A Ryegrass bland was sewn and raked into the surface of the loam.

The final photo shows the grass after it's first cut with a rotary mower just a few weeks later. We use the rotary mower initially to protect the soft new grass from potential tearing and from the weight of the cylinder mower.

Later in the winter when the ground is softer we will aerate the square to promote air flow and deeper root growth.

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