Cricket Square Preparation

Cricket Square Preparation

The days are still short and we're still seeing frosts but it's time to start preparing cricket squares for the fast approaching season.

The photos below show the various preparation stages over several week. First the grass is cut with a rotary mower to bring it down to a manageable level, next the winter fencing is removed. Next we need to verti-cut and scarify the whole square to cut the grass stolon’s, remove any thatch and promote a thick sward. We may also apply seed at this stage if the conditions are conducive.

Next the whole square is rolled with the heavy roller to level out any frost heave and other imperfections. A good spring summer fertiliser is applied and weeds are dealt with either by spraying off individually or by applying a granular weed killer.

After a week or so we are ready to start reducing the height of the grass using the cylinder mowers.

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